Tuesday Timesavers: Online Grocery Shopping



Each Tuesday, I’ll be posting one tip to help busy working moms save time. This week we’re looking at places to do your grocery shopping online. ┬áIn fact, there are a handful of websites dedicated to doing just that!

For example, if you live in the northeast, Peapod.com doubles as an alternative to Stop and Shop. Here in Boston, Roche Bros also does an excellent job competing with Peapod (we actually use them right now and I love it!) In both companies, in order to maximize quality and freshness, they package your products at the last possible minute and ship in temperature controlled containers to keep the perishables cold. Delivery times can usually be scheduled for the next day if you order by 4pm with Peapod, and with Roche Bros, usually by the night before depending on delivery volume. I’ve had no problem placing an order at 8pm the night before for a delivery between 6:30-8:30 the following day. Super convenient! While Roche Bros. is only in Boston, Peapod also delivers to other areas of the country, so check the site to see if your area is included in the list!

If you don’t live in an area that Peapod.com can deliver to, you can opt for Netgrocer.com, which delivers to all 50 states. Like Peapod.com, they can deliver perishables and frozen products in temperature controlled containers. Their delivery schedule is published on their site, and they use a FedEx shipping method that does not require you to be home to receive the delivery. The delivery process takes a little longer with Netgrocer.com…about 3-7 days.

Another alternative is Amazon.com, who started selling groceries a few years ago. Delivery is available in all 50 states and shipping times and rates vary. I found it hard to find details on how they keep products fresh while they’re on the way to you, though.

Finally, if you just need baby products delivered, you might try something like Diapers.com. They sell everything from diapers and wipes to formula to bottles, toys, clothing, and other baby gear and boast quick shipping. (And sometimes it’s free!)

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  1. Full Circle Farms and Pacific Coast Harvest are two great companies that you can use in the Pacific Northwest to have fresh produce delivered to your door.

    We used Full Circle Farms for a while, and its so nice to be able to wake in the morning to a fresh box of produce. It kinda feels like we’re cheating when we see our kids faces light as they dig through the box. Expensive but worth it if you can.


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